The Fellows Program

An initiative of The Oregon Leadership Development Institute

The Fellows Program is located in beautiful Portland, Oregon. It is designed to help aspiring professional men and women develop a more complete understanding of the teachings of Jesus and to explore their relevance to vocation, faith, and community.

I would recommend this year to anyone exploring the idea of following Jesus. My year in the program will go down as one of the most impactful years of my life.
— Nolan Grose - 2013-14
I learned more about Jesus, myself, and how my job can reflect both of those beautifully.
— Caleb Schmidt - Year 2013-14
The fellows program helped shape my desired vocation and taught me what it meant to work hard while prioritizing my life according to the teachings of Christ.
— Holly Jones, 2012-13
The Fellows Program left me with a renewed sense of belonging, intentionality, and confidence that can only come from living in supportive, engaging community.
— Courtney Catt 2014-15

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