The Oregon Leadership Development Institute (OLDI) is a non-profit organization focused on the development of leadership capacity in post-graduate young professionals. The Portland Fellows Program is designed to engage young people in an intentional, nine-month exploration of each individual’s strengths, purpose, and vocational pathway, as informed by the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.  

Following graduation from college and entry into a career or pursuit of graduate studies, the Portland Fellows Program is designed to empower young people to live out their faith while practicing leadership in areas of relevance such as community and the workplace. Over the course of the program, Fellows learn and practice integrating their faith and leadership responsibilities and participate in mentorship with both spiritual teachers and professional mentors in their areas of focus.

OLDI believes that active, daily interaction between its Fellows and mentors is essential. The Portland Fellows Program employs an apprenticeship-style of learning that requires a serious commitment on the part of each Fellow, the mentors and the community of caring adults who are dedicated to engaging them in an ongoing dialog.  


A Professional Internship in the Private or Non-Profit Sector

OLDI has identified meaningful, mentored internship opportunities across a variety of market sectors. Each Fellow will be employed at a responsible private, public, or non-profit company and will have the opportunity to interact on a personal basis with a workplace mentor.


Spiritual Formation 

Fellows will be involved in weekly spiritual formation activities with a variety of gifted teachers and mentors. Spiritual formation focuses on the teachings of Jesus, with an emphasis on personal reflection and practical application.


Enrichment Activities 

In addition to the professional internship and community life, Fellows interaction with young adults and caring adults from Fellows-like programs in other cities and participate in leadership development activities such as events sponsored by the Murdock Trust; the Washington Family Ranch Weekend; and the National Prayer Breakfast.


Community Service 

Fellows will participate in community service projects. Involvement in these projects will expose the Fellows to the poor and to some of the challenges of leadership in that context.


Community Life 

The Fellows live together in separate, single-gender houses in Portland and participate in a community of responsible, caring adults. The adults include the Fellows in the daily life of their families and community, openly and honestly sharing their lives. Through regular interaction in community, the Fellows will experience apprenticeship-style learning related to serving others, living in community, and being reconciled.